We’re snow blowing “Green

If you have lived in Bend for a period of time, you are very well aware of how much snow we can get during the winter. Bend, Oregon, which is at about 3,600 feet depending on your homes location, can get an extreme amount of snow. It is important to keep in mind that the city of Bend has snow removal ordinances in place, which require businesses and homeowners to remove snow within a period of time after the snow stops falling. For more information on this policy click here https://www.bendoregon.gov/government/departments/community-development/code-enforcement-division/sidewalk-snow-and-ice-removal

With the amount of snowfall Bend can get during the season it can be hard to get snow removal service providers to come when you need the help. Sign up for lawn care and snow removal services from someone who makes their clients the #1 priority.  

Part of my lawn care maintenance and snow blowing services includes the use of eco-friendly equipment that is as powerful as gas operated machinery. Just like all of my lawn equipment, my snowblower is battery powered!

$50/hour (1-hour minimum) 
Existing lawn maintenance clients receive $10 off! 
* No gravel driveways 

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