Summary of Services Offered


Initial Bid

Generally within 24 hours, I’ll visit your property and promptly email you a free bid for requested services. contact for questions.

* A bid is required prior to scheduling of any services

Weekly Lawn Maintenance Package

scotts lawn care and maintenance bend

This weekly service includes lawn mowing, and blowing off clippings from driveway and walkways.  Edging is done every other week.  The application of fertilizer will be done in the spring and as needed.  Grass clippings will be bagged and removed, unless you request clippings be mulched back into your lawn.

*Beginning at only $35/week

scotts lawn maintenance bend

Just Mow and Go!

This service includes mowing of the lawn on a weekly basis with no other services.  The clippings are mulched back into the lawn. 

*Beginning at only $25/week 



Organic Mulching (Grass clippings)

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If you sign up for my monthly lawn maintenance service you can opt for mulching services. Lawn clippings are cut into fine pieces and are broken down by microorganisms in the soil.  This then releases nutrients back into the soil.

  • Adding this to your lawn care enhances the health of your lawn, which reduces moisture evaporation.
  • Mulch clippings can provide fertilization to your lawn, since clippings are composed of water and nitrogen.
  • The mulching of lawn clippings is also good for the environment.
  •  If you choose to mulch, this is one less batch of clippings going into the landfill.  Per the EPA, yard trimmings make up approximately 13% our national waste.  Grass clippings account for 2/3 of all yard waste! 



Spring Clean-Up

Has your yard fallen into disarray as a result of the harshness of fall and winter weather? Let me help you get your yard ready for summer!

Spring clean-up services include the clearing away and disposal of pine needles, leaves, and branches.


Barkdust (Mulch) Services


Why waste your valuable time spreading barkdust when I can do it for you?

All you need to do is decide what kind of bark or mulch you want and contact me to get started.


scotts lawn care and maintenance bend

Gutter Cleaning

This service is available to those with a single-story home and a bid is required.  


Dog Poo Removal


Dog waste is picked up and removed from your yard.  $10 per visit.

*Only available with a mowing services appointment